1) Thermo Mats

Thermo mats are a very affordable way to keep your camper warm and cool.  They are silver mats which you stick on all your windows with suction pads.  There are different mats for the bay and the T25 and you can even get pop-top thermo mats which are wrapped around the canvas.  Over all, this is a good buy as it not only keeps the inside warm but also cool in the hot sun.  And if you want noise reduction for one reason or another, they even can give you that to.

2) Solar Panel as Battery Recharger 

There are a number of solar panel rechargers on the market.  The concept is really good.  When sitting for a while or having been used just for your stereo, your car battery loses power. The solar panel immediately drips charge back into it, while the sun costs nothing.  The gadget is perfect for the camper sitting on the drive.  Just be careful not to start the engine while it is attached, as this could damage the solar unit.

3) 12v Widscreen Demister

Anyone that has a VW camper van will know that at some point of the year the windscreen mists up and the heater just will not shift that determined smog.  The 12v windscreen demister solves this problem.  Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and voila.  It is one of those gadgets that is always handy to tuck away in the glove box.

4) Triple Multi Socket

This has become an essential piece of the kit.  Many VW campers do not have a cigarette lighter. Therefore you have to have either a cigarette lighter plug clipped directly onto the battery, or you have to fit one you into the dash.  Either way, this gadget is essential to all that use a sat nav and want to check the level of the battery.  This accessory plugs into your cigarette lighter adapter and gives you 1) a cigarette lighter that works for all the smokers out there, 2) a battery level indicator, 3) two spare cigarette light plugs so you can have your sat nav on and charge you phone at the same time.

5) Coleman 'Fold N Go' 2 Burner Propane Stove

There are a lot of camping stoves out there; this one, however, is quite an exception.  This stove folds up and requires gas housed in a small gas bottle which stores very nicely under the seat; once is had been used, it can be easily disposed of.  What makes this a good buy is that it is very easy to set up: just unfold the stove, attach the gas bottle via a metal tube and turn it on.  The heat and speed in which the stove cooks, is fantastic, and it is very easy to clean.  One major drawback is that you cannot cook indoors.  However, with the speed of this stove, you really do not need to spend your time bent over a hot stove inside the van.

6) Leveler 

There is nothing worse than sleeping or cooking in a camper slightly sloping in the wrong direction.  If you get it wrong, while sleeping all the blood will just go to your head which is not pleasant.  So we recommend two accessories: a small spirit level which can sit on your dashboard and leveling chocks.  It must also be noted that some camper fridges require a leveled van to work correctly.  And as both spirit level and leveler chocks are reasonably priced, such a buy is extremely beneficial to both the occupants and the fridge.

7) Grip Mats

Grip mats are always a good idea; they may not be used for ages, but when you need them you need them.  Grip mats can be stored easily and, to be quite honest, you don’t even know they are there.  The idea of them is simply to get you out of a rut.  If you have parked up in a grassy or wet area where the van has sunk into the soil and the wheels have no grip, these mats will get you out in no time.  They are very inexpensive and can really come in useful.

8) Recycled Flip Flop Mats

This is more of a fun item, but useful nonetheless.  The mats are made from recycled flip flops and come in assorted colours, each one being totally unique.  As any VW camper enthusiast will tell you, it is a constant job keeping the floor clean. This mat will not only look cool, it is also extremely useful in keeping the muck outside rather than inside.

9) Compression Bags 

Compression bags can be bought from any camping shop; they are excellent for the VW camper.  If organised correctly, all your clothes, towels and dirty washing can be stored in them.  They are waterproof and easy to store. By purchasing different colours you can quickly identify what is where.

10) HYmini Wind Charger/Power Bank

The HYmini charger is a great little device. It can be attached to your bicycles or even to the top of your van (not advisable while driving), in fact to anything which will produce at least 5 mhp wind.  This little fan will recharge your phone, mp3 player and even your blackberry.  A great fun item, and again a great one using only natural energy.