Many think that as winter closes in, the VW camper should be retired into hibernation like all campers and caravans. This does not need to be so. There are so many things to do and see during all the seasons, that it is simply a shame to let your beautiful, friendly VW camper sit alone all winter. 

Autumn, winter and spring adventures are absolutely wonderful.  There is nothing better than visiting forests during autumn. The morning mist combined with colourful falling leaves and the smell of ripe fruit, is a wonder to behold. Gazing out of your camper window into the crisp morning while wrapped in a warm sleeping bag is quite invigorating. 

For those who love the forest in autumn there is the New Forest, Thorpe Woodland, Postern Hill, and the Forest of Dean, to name but a few.  Some more adventurous VW owners use their campers for skiing in Scotland, some for brisk walks across the moors.  As the weather turns colder, we use our camper, however, for visiting historical sights of interest. Tourists no longer cram the streets, enabling us to visit and inspect these sites unhindered.  Providing you have a heater and the camper is well insulated, the road can be your home. 

But how can you keep warm in your little bus? 

Even Simple techniques like placing a rug on the floor, placing a well positioned curtain across the cab area can keep you warm. First of all, however, be very aware of the benefits of insulation. You can put the best heater in the world in your van only for the heat to just disappear out of the walls and roof! There are many ways to insulate your VW camper, but I personally prefer the new thermo insulation. This insulation is available from most DIY superstores. Placed in the trim, it not only insulates but also creates a padded panel, which is wonderful to rest or sleep against.  For years people put in fibreglass loft insulation, but this can retain moisture and cause serious problems with rust. 

Whatever method you choose, it must be effective in keeping the van cool in summer and warm in winter. Thermo mats (which are described among ourtop 10 camper gadgets) can be used to cover the windows, and are now available for the pop-top canvas as well. They are excellent for keeping the van warm, protecting against the sun, and also substantially reducing noise. 

Heating has always been a problem. Some owners tend to use fan heaters on the electric hook up, while others prefer to use gas. It's an individual choice that must be considered seriously, because heaters can produce fumes and condensation. This can be an issues affecting both your camper and yourself. When you have the right heater though, your little van can be very snug indeed. 

So - while others are storing away their campers, you can always be the more adventurous one and watch the chilly winter sunrise over a beautiful seascape.  Come on - where's your sense of adventure?